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West of -30°: .4957119, .7252456
East of -30°: .1656311, .0295619
Globalhash: -60.186401994263, -169.35770958581 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Canberra, Australia 1PE (Canberra) A paddock off Gooromon Ponds Road at Wallarroo, NSW; near Hall, ACT.
Sacramento, California Chandru In an orchard on Tremont Road, in Dixon.
Dubuque, Iowa SwensonJ Kennedy Mall parking lot; Dubuque, Iowa
Portland, Oregon Jim On private property in Beaverton, Oregon
Halle (Saale), Germany Rincewind On a field (really?) near Straussfurt, Thuringia.
Northampton, United Kingdom Benjw A field edge in Great Eversden, Cambs. Not far from a footpath from the vi...
Cambridge, United Kingdom Benjw A field 300 metres from Cambridge University's radio telescope control buil...

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