2012-09-24 47 -122

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Mon 24 Sep 2012 in Seattle:
47.6304091, -122.0137938

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On the shoulder of 244th Ave NE in Sammammish, south of Redmond-Fall City road.



An American Football game in town (Monday Night) means leaving work early to beat the traffic... why not geohash on the way home? Okay, this wasn't on the way home, but it was worth attempting regardless. Aerial photos (which can be wrong) showed it to be on the road, and directly across from the gate of a house according to the Eye View of the Bing Bird.

A simple drive got me to the neighborhood. The driveway of the house in question was very short before the gate, and after one attempt to park there I pulled across the street. Good idea for another reason - either the satellites wanted the geohash to be across the street or the maps were wrong. I did not consult iPhone Maps for a second opinion - I wanted to stay out of the ocean.

Fortunately, the spot was found to be on the edge of the road. Unfortunately, it was under the trees. On the gate side of the road the tree cover was reduced, so I lined up with good signal and then trudged across the road. Message below sent after one run - by the time the message was uploaded, I had drifted from the spot due to lack of signal. Alas.

I then tried a photo, and the droid locked up completely. This is the second time this has happened, I am guessing the microSD is giving protest after nearly 3 years of use. So I restarted and headed out, taking the local toll bridge on the way home for speed.