2012-09-24 45 -122

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Mon 24 Sep 2012 in 45,-122:
45.6304091, -122.0137938

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Below Beacon Rock.



This one is as close to my house as a Portland grid can be. It's down between HWY 14 and the RR tracks, so two possible approaches. Bing satellite photo looks promising, but that clear area could be blackberries 10 ft tall.

So let's run down this morning.



I parked up above on Hwy 14, and walked the road looking down. Steep, thick trees and undergrowth. There were crosses beside the road where the Road God took some souls. Not a good sign.

So then I went back east to the point where some power lines cut from the road down to the RR tracks. Slid down that hill and headed downstream on the tracks. Dropped down off the RR grade and into the woods. Where it wasn't thick trees it was swamp or blackberry.

I tried several deer trails into the the berries. The closest I got was 280 ft where I got to the deer remains that I suppose the blackberries killed.

So I came home.




  • MNB?