2012-09-23 39 -78

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Sun 23 Sep 2012 in 39,-78:
39.0059613, -78.0873957

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Off Milldale Farm Road in rural Warren County, VA.




I've been waiting to catch a geohash that was fairly local on a day I actually had time to go. Today was that day!


Down the road we went and when the gps advised turn right we were faced with a security gate. We decided to brave it as we could easily pass the gate on foot. So with 0.2 mile to go we ditched the car by the road and set out on foot. We managed to reach the coordinates just in time to be chased off by some landowners who were less than happy to see us walking through their field. I did manage to snap a photo on the way back out to the road.



Ldakota66 earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (39, -78) graticule, here, on 2012-09-23.
Ldakota66 earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (39, -78) geohash on 2012-09-23.
Ldakota66 earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging a friend to the (39, -78) geohash on 2012-09-23.
Ldakota66 earned the Earliest geohasher achievement
by arriving first at the (39, -78) geohash on 2012-09-23.