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2012-09-20 38 -84

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Thu 20 Sep 2012 in Frankfort:
38.8309051, -84.2950249

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[edit] Location

Peach Grove Graveyard!

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

My First Geohash! Finally the perfect combination of location, timing and weather! Most of the hash points within striking distance seem to fall in a field. This one was guaranteed to have something interesting at it!

I've been waiting for one to pop up that I could hit on my way home from work, preferably when I had the motorcycle. Perfect excuse to sneak out of work early! Got to see some awesome country side and ride on curvy and hilly roads in the cool fall air. Made my day!

My phone was my camera and GPS, taking pictures of my GPS was out of the question, so I used my old school GPS (Directions are on the back!)

[edit] Photos