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Wed 19 Sep 2012 in Cambridge, UK:
52.9287221, 0.4931807

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On a residential street in Hunstanton, north-west Norfolk.



Public transport for this one is, surprisingly, both available and quick. The plan is to go directly from work to the railway station (a short walk, so no point going home first). There are hourly trains to Kings Lynn at 35 minutes past the hour. These go from platorm 4 and the fare is £9.50.

From Kings Lynn there is an hourly "Coasthopper 1" bus service to Hunstanton, leaving at half-past the hour, from bus stop 5 at the station. The fare is £5.90 and the timetable is available here. Buses back are on the hour until 15:00, then at half-past the hour from 16:30 onwards, arriving in plenty of time for the return trains at 37 minutes past the hour.

Ben is aiming (although it depends on exactly when he can get away from work) to get the 13:34 train and 14:30 bus. He will be at the hashpoint between about 15:30 and 16:00, then will go back for the 16:30 bus and 17:37 train, arriving back in Cambridge at 18:24 and getting home a bit before 19:00. At some point a fish-and-chip supper will probably also happen.

(Or he could drive up there, arriving at about 15:00, and getting home by 17:00, but I guess that's less fun.)


Success. Managed to leave work early enough to be in plenty of time for the 12:33 train, which was an unexpected bonus. Caught the 13:32 bus in Kings Lynn and arrived on time in Hunstanton at 14:06. Walked to hashpoint, admired the sunny day and the sea view, and returned to the bus station in time for the 15:00 bus back to Kings Lynn, then the 15:55 train. Got home about 17:20. Splendid day out; really enjoyable and well worth going.

More write-up and photos later.

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