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2012-09-19 50 11

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Wed 19 Sep 2012 in 50,11:
50.9287221, 11.4931807

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[edit] Location

On a field near Großschwabhausen

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

Today’s point was to close to miss. The area it lay on was well known to me, so there was no need for long preparations. Just loading the point to the GPS device, sitting on the bike, pedaling some minutes and there it was. And even better, the 8 km I had to go, can just be reused for a campaign that takes place in Jena these weeks. It’s about saving CO2 by going by bike (probably compared to going by car). So thanks to today’s point, you saved CO2 for 8 km.

Compared to other points I’ve been to, even the last meters were easy. The point was located in a field, 20 meters away from the dirt road. The field was dry, no mud began sticking on the shoes, when taking the point’s photos. Since everything was that easy, I decided to save even more CO2 on my way home by taking a little detour via Bucha.

[edit] Photos

View to the point.  
Coordinates reached.  
A Rainbow ...  
... watched by Räbe.  
The way back home.