2012-09-12 37 -121

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Wed 12 Sep 2012 in 37,-121:
37.4202799, -121.9238279

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[edit] Location

In the road on Technology Dr, near McCarthy Blvd.

Looks like speed racer.

Trivial hash, just have to drive there, and I'm headed to fremont after visiting a friend near Great America.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

Drive there some time after traffic dies down.

[edit] Expedition

Not sure whether to count this as a hash or train wreck.

I'm no batteries (no gps), and my stooopid camera SD turned out to be full! Ironicly, the hash point was on a road in the middle of the Sandisk campus.

I drove thru the hash at road speed (speed racer), but couldn't find a place to pull off and clear out the images. So I just went on.

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