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Sun 9 Sep 2012 in Cambridge, UK:
52.1708079, 0.3592374

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This expedition was part of a multihash by Benjw. For the other parts, see:  
2012-09-09 52 0 2012-09-06 52 0


The boundary between two fields, east of Six Mile Bottom on the Brinkley Road. Google's aerial views merge two photos over that field, one with a fence and one without, so it is unclear whether the point will be accessible.



Ben will visit at some point during the day, and as Thursday's hashpoint is very close and he didn't make that one on the day itself, he will retro-visit that point as well. If the hashpoint proves inaccessible, it should nevertheless be possible to get within a few metres in the next field over; or, failing that, on the road.


Having been rather busy today breaking up concrete and digging big holes in the garden, I wasn't able to leave the house until 7:50pm, by which time it was nearly dark. No matter -- I've been to Six Mile Bottom many times before, so the first part of the journey was an easy drive along familiar roads. Once there, I carried straight on at the crossroads instead of turning right, and the road suddenly became unfamiliar.

I drove until the GPS pointed straight out to the right, and then stopped in a driveway. Google's maps had been slightly unclear at this point -- there was a joint between two photos right across the middle of this field, and on the older photo it was just a field, whereas on the newer one some fencing and a track had appeared. It turned out that someone had come along and built a new house and driveway here, with the remainder of the field turned into paddocks for horses -- I could hear them making horsey noises in the dark.

I turned round and drove back one field, then parked the car on the verge. The hashpoint was somewhere on the boundary between the two fields; Google had shown it as being slightly on the other side, but I thought I'd try to get as close as possible. The field was full of stubble from this year's crop, so there was no problem walking the 50 metres or so along the edge.

It turns out that Google maps lied yet again, and I was only half-surprised to see the GPS count all the way down to single-figure distance. There was a sort of ditch-hedge combo between the two fields, and the hashpoint was about half a metre into this. However, it's always better not to go scrabbling around in ditches and hedges in the dark if you can help it, so I didn't -- I was well inside a metre from the hashpoint anyway.

Photos were taken and I returned to the car for the second part of the expedition.

Photographic documentation[edit]

To come.

Shiny ribbons earned[edit]

Benjw earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (52, 0) geohash on 2012-09-09.