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Sun 9 Sep 2012 in 11,77:
11.1708079, 77.3592374

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The hash is found near the village puluvapatti near Avinashi, Tamil Nadu. The closest major city is Coimbature, 55 km towards west and Chennai towards east. The location was within agriculture village land and approachable by mud roads only.


  • tjin 01:36, 10 September 2012 (EDT)
  • Chhaya Yadav
  • Vinay Yadav


The plan was made on Sunday noon. Was to be driven to using the car from Coimbatore city. We were to reach the point in day light.


We started using the chennai haighway towards Avinashi. We were watching google maps as well as openstreetmaps. Though google had more roads, only openstreetmap had indicated car roads. once following a google street we passed through one car wide road. Passed through many villages. So we reached the point by road that was 1.4km away from the point.


The trail