2012-09-07 45 -121

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Fri 7 Sep 2012 in 45,-121:
45.7205945, -121.9079363

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At the end of Aalvik Rd. a county road in Skamania.



Just a mile from my house, but of course longer on the road. I thought I'd cruise by on the way to the Post Office.


A no trespassing fail. My rudest geohash experience yet. I drove to the end of the county road, and pulled off under the powerlines. As I was firing up the GPS, a car came out from the gate just past the End of Road sign. An elderly woman, Ms. Ashe I guess, got out and asked if she might help me, but it didn't seem like she was really offering any help. I said that I was looking for a place up here, and she told me that it wasn't where I was. I said that it was at the end of the road. "Let me get the glare off my notes and I check the name," I said. She said, "you want Red Bluff Rd." I said, "No, Aalvik Rd." Said she with a sweeping gesture, "This is it, but we own all this. You are trespassing." I was on the clearing of the powerline cut, off the side of the county road, so I knew that I wasn't trespassing right there. The "End of County Road" sign was past me, behind her. OK, a chance to get permission to walk the 280 feet down the powerline easement off to the side of the road, still short of her gate. "Yes Ma'am, you see I am playing this nerd game where the internet sends me to a random spot, and it's right over there about 300 ft..." "I don't give a damn about your game. You are trespassing." OK... "Thanks, Ma'am," and I walked back over to the car. So that was kinda weird, but OK, it's her land, even though it's in an easement. So she drove off, I took a photo and drove off. On the way down the hill I pulled into 'Vista Springs', a new development, to look at the lots. After about 10 min. poking around there I headed for the post office. As I drove past a turnout further down, there she was in her Mercedes. Waiting for me? Good thing that I'm not paranoid.


How does one upload a real tracklog? I have tried doing > Upload File but can't get it to take a *.csv, or a *.txt of comma separated values, or a *.gpx.

Thanks to OtherJack for the comment. A picture of a tracklog is not a tracklog.



kydlt earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (300 ft) reaching the (45, -121) geohash on 2012-09-07.