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Sun 2 Sep 2012 in 50,11:
50.9699702, 11.9189871

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On a meadow or field between Eisenberg an Etzdorf, easy to reach.


  • Juja, Benjy and Frankie Mouse


That's what I call an easy expedition: I only had a little time on Sunday morning, so I started early (by my standards... so, before lunch), headed straight to the point and found it after about an hour.

So the complicated part was done, and now I had to choose: take the same way on good (bike) roads back, this time with the little wind in my back, or follow the slightly-less-than-perfect fieldway to see where it would take me, hoping it would be the other cycle way which I could use for going home through uncertain windy conditions? Of course I picked the latter and went down the hill on my roadbike, just to get stuck at the end of the way at some gates and garden huts with four barking dogs. When I was resolved to give up and push my bike back up the hill again, a man came from behind the garden huts, asked me where I was going and told me I could still take "that way" (oooh, yeah, that way! A 30cm gap in the brushwoods! How could I miss that before?) down to the road, but obviously I would have to walk my bike. He shouldn't have told me that, because I instantly accepted the challenge and mounted my bicycle, and some minutes later I actually stood on the road. Yay!

Now I cycled on known roads again, down "Mühltal" (where there was a gathering of participants of some public biking excursion standing around... I was lucky to get past them and not get stuck in the middle of the flock) and from Hermsdorf on there was another fight of the ongoing challenge who would be running out of energy first: my legs or my GPS? But I arrived at home before either could give up, so it was an all-round successful expedition.


The way to the point.  
Coordinates reached - this was easy...  
Mice sitting at the point.  
Stupidly grinning Geohasher.  
The perfect place for roadbikes - let's go!