2012-09-01 55 37

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Sat 1 Sep 2012 in 55,37:
55.6186898, 37.4424766

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A road near Khovanskoye Cemetery just off the Moscow city limits.



Actually it's 5 km from where vb lives, so he's going to just walk there. Walking distance seems to be around 8km. The weather forecast promises no rain.

Since it's Saturday, vb is going to show up there at 4:00pm.


It was more like 4:30 than 4:00 when I got there. What seemed to be a lawn from satellite turned out to be a kind of moat with a kind of unfinished "castle" behind it. The hash was on the other side of the "moat". The closest I could get is 20-30 meters according to unstable GPS readings. The gate to the "castle" territory nearby was guarded.

Surrounding area, besides the cemetery, is filled with warehouses, garages, car dealerships, construction material shops. Thin overcrowded road, constant smell of exhaust and noise. The hill you can see on photos is not actually a hill but "recultivated" ex hard waste dump. So when in these surroundings I saw the "castle" it was one of those WTF O_o moments.