2012-09-01 52 13

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Sat 1 Sep 2012 in 52,13:
52.6186898, 13.4424766

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In a corn field near Berlin.



We were visiting Manu's brother and his girlfriend in Zepernick, north of Berlin for just one day. After arriving on that Saturday and having lunch, some people got lazy and other people got adventurous. 52/13 was new to both of us and a hashpoint just 8 km from our meantime residence was perfect for nearly all kinds of expedition. Since our baby was part of the lazy community, we decided to borrow the bikes of our hosts. They weren't exactly of that type of bike we usually prefer, but they were in good condition and should meet our requirements. Taking the direct way, we got close to the hashpoint and had to discover a corn field where we wanted to go. The plants were taller as a man, but they were also strong and planted in rows with a mutual distance between .5 and 1 meter. Distances within the rows were much smaller and annoyingly we had to cross about 50 m of rows. Well, we are not travelling to this graticule every day, so we had to go for it carefully and hashdanced through the corn. Way back was a bit longer as we tried some different bike paths.


Manu and the bikes near the hashpoint.  
View to the hash.  
Getting closer.  
Schweini and Sterni.  
Reinhard and Manu.  
hash tunnel