2012-08-31 -37 143

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2012-08-31 -37 143 17-24-08-796.jpg

Fri 31 Aug 2012 in -37,143:
-37.5617316, 143.8707691

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A service road just off Victoria Street in Ballarat. Right near Hungry Jack's.



We noticed the geohash today was at (well, just opposite) Hungry Jack's in town, so we thought we'd give it a go after work at about 5.30PM.


Planned to meet at 5.30 at the hash, I took the lady in the quarter-of-a-century-old car and we'd agreed to meet a fellow hasher there, but he bailed via text when we arrived. First time I've ever had a hash in town, we didn't even have to leave the car (although the lady DID go to grab some HJ's for me. =))