2012-08-30 -37 144

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Thu 30 Aug 2012 in -37,144:
-37.4360332, 144.2057753

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Wombat State Forest, Bullarto South



Carrying on from our middle of the night exploits 2012-08-29 -37 144 we thought we might have failed because we arrived after midnight so it might not count. As a result of this we headed north to the next days hashpoint. It was a hairy drive through Wombat State forest, and we saw a wombat almost as soon as we had entered the forest which was nice for me because I haven't seen a wombat in years, and for my companion it was nice also because his dad had recently said "how come you never see wombats in wombat state forest?"

As we spiralled around the ever shrinking roads we kept trying to freak the other out by asking spooky hypotheticals like "what do you do if you find a dead body" or "what if someone cuts down some trees, blocking the road both ahead and behind of you" so needless to say when we finally got near our destination (there was 180 metres of walking through the pitch black bush to be done) we were suitably rattled enough not to do it. Also my companions phone ran out of battery so there would've been no way to contact help had anything happened.