2012-08-29 -37 144

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Wed 29 Aug 2012 in -37,144:
-37.6807366, 144.2261487

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Front lawn of Fiskville Fire-fighter school.



So it was about 11:30PM when we set out from civilisation across the countryside to our destination. This guy had come geohashing with me before once but not really, we had failed quite badly, and thankfully this session actually convinced him about how awesome it is, at least a little bit.

So we drove and drove and drove and finally got to our destination, there was not much reception for GPS or 3G so it was quite tricky towards the end. By the time we finally got there it was half past midnight, which means we had failed by arriving too late :( it was still a very good trip and we made it to the hashpoint so I'm chalking it up as a personal success but a technical fail.

On the way home when I mentioned to my companion that this might not count as a successful geohash we checked the one for tomorrow (then today) and decided to smash up to that because it wasn't too far away. Read more about it at 2012-08-30 -37 144


Snaplatitude earned the Drag-along achievement
by reaching the (-37, 144) geohash on 2012-08-29.