2012-08-27 -37 143

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2012-08-27 -37 143 20-57-38-095.jpg

Mon 27 Aug 2012 in -37,143:
-37.3073534, 143.2671187

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Halfway up Mount Cole.


Just Snaplatitude


The hash for was in a public place so I thought I could get there without being stuck with another no-trespassing consolation prize.


Headed off on a long drive out past Beaufort to the geohash. As I came through Beaufort the sun started going down and it was dusk. By the time I got to Mount Cole it was dark and spooky. I travelled along the roads as they became smaller and more treacherous. At one point I had to get out and drag a branch off the road so I could go on, then I realised how terrifying it was out there. I was almost decided to head back when I hit the wet, boggy track ahead and gave up. Chickened out :(