2012-08-25 46 -123

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Sat 25 Aug 2012 in 46,-123:
46.5604246, -123.3612976

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Just off Route 6, southwest of Centralia, WA.



The plan is to drive down to the point from Seattle in the morning, and then make a meetup in Seattle at 4 pm.


The drive down to Centralia was uneventful. I turned onto Route 6 and immediately went into a cell service black hole. GPS coverage turned out to be spotty in the hills, as well. Luckily I had remembered the name of the road to turn on, which turned out to be a gravel road about half an hour down Route 6. Once on the gravel, I relied on the distance calculation provided by the Android app. Unfortunately, I was thwarted twice... once by No Trespassing sign, and once by some extremely marshy land when I tried to go around. It was not clear from the placement of the No Trespassing signs whether the point itself was on private land or not, but my first path choice would have taken me into territory clearly marked as private, and my second path choice was blocked by the marsh. I was not prepared to brave any alligator-filled swamps, or face down a property owner with a shotgun, so I stopped as close as I could to the point, which was about 600 ft distant. Failure.



AeroIllini earned the There might be alligators! consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (46, -123) geohash on 2012-08-25 by an impassable and unforseen patch of swampiness (and probably lurking alligators).
2012-08-25 46 -123 14-26-51-428.jpg