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Fri 24 Aug 2012 in 52,5:
52.0742403, 5.1346662

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The hash is located on the railway according to google maps. It is not sure whether it is still like this because of works in the area. If the track hasn't been moved yet the hash is unavoidable for anyone taking a train to Utrecht from the direction of Arnhem and Rhenen. Passengers seated on non-window seats on the left side of the train will have the closest pass it seems. The track was still where it is according to google maps.

Just a note - hash point appears to be right in the middle of a double slip switch. These complex, fascinating bits of machinery are much appreciated by fans of railroads, so, while picking up your deja vu hash you can pick up trainspotting 'points' as well. And slip switches are something that would fascinate any self respecting clever xkcd reader, being both clever and elegant. slip switch on wikipedia --Anniepoo 13:39, 23 August 2012 (EDT)


  • Eupeodes has to go to Utrecht by train so he can't miss it


Eupeodes: I will attempt in the morning on my way to an appointment. Because I don't want to take a longer way to get there I can't miss it if the track hasn't been moved yet. It will be a déjà-vu for me as well since I use this train more often. I can provide prove of using this track by providing a screenshot of the check-in and check-out with my ov-chipcard of a previous trip.


Eupeodes: I went to Rhenen station by bike and took the train to Breukelen for a meeting. When approaching Utrecht I tried starting my gps but it was out of power. Then I tried my phone but it didn't get a gps fix. So I just checked to see if we would follow the old track or the new one. I turned out that the new track still wasn't connected so we took the most northern track into Utrecht (trains use the right hand track in the Netherlands). I took some pictures while passing the point at about 8:45 and after arriving in Breukelen I also took a picture of the train which was going to continue to Uitgeest.

  • Reached, gps failed -- Eupeodes 08:53, 24 August 2012 (GMT+02:00)



Easy? Yes, just had to get in a train to Utrecht which I had to do anyways

Unavoidable? If I was willing to get out of bed even earlier it was of course possible to take a different route, but might have been hard to come in time to the appointment, so I call it unavoidable.

Public transport? Although I passed the point while in a train, it does not really qualify since I cycled to the railway-station. Yes, I first cycled (~6km) to the station and took the train from there for 40-50 km to and through the hash.

Speed racer? Might be, but my gps failed so could not record the speed and I also don't know the maximum speed there.

No batteries? I tried it with gps, don't know why. But since both devices failed I didn't use a gps to reach it, I just wanted it for proof. After the gps failed I realized that me being in the train is proof enough so no need for gps and it counts as No batteries.

Déjà Vu? Absolutely, again no gps-proof, but I can provide proof I have used the train-line before.

Eupeodes earned the Easy No Batteries Unavoidable Public transport Déjà Vu land geohash Achievement
by taking a train through the hash which he had to take anyways (like he has done several times in the past) without working gps at the (52, 5) geohash on 2012-08-24.