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2012-08-23 42 -123

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Thu 23 Aug 2012 in 42,-123:
42.1942183, -123.6507130

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[edit] Location

On the way home..

[edit] Participants

And his other son & non-hasher, RLT.

[edit] Plans

I'm driving home to WA today and there is a hash just off 199 in Kirby. I think I'll stop.

[edit] Expedition

Success. But Dave at the bike shop by the hash had to be the least friendly bike mechanic ever. Seeing us park across the street messing with the ipad, he emerged from the shop and stood staring. We crossed the street said hi and explained what we were doing. He said he was wondering rather to shoot us with the rifle or the .44, and he wasn't smiling. This was during business hours. I asked him if he wanted to see the great '85 Cannondale that I had out in the car. He said no and closed the door in our face. Weird.

[edit] Tracklog

[edit] Photos