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Fri 17 Aug 2012 in 55,13:
55.9729283, 13.1433848

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Knutstorp, near Kågeröd, Skåne, Sweden.




Happened to be near the place so I decided to drive over and have a look.


After leaving work I had to go by my parents-in-law and since they live fairly near Kågeröd (20 km) I decided to make the geohash too. I could easily park on the nearby road. It was just a walk into a open forest, about 60 meters. While there I didn't see any animals and the only thing that caught my attention was the plants, which looked like orchids. Not sure if they where orchids and the photos wasn't nice, since it was beginning to get dark. After taking some photos I returned home. Haven't yet been able to find out what kind of plants they were.



Llavids earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (55, 13) geohash on 2012-08-17.
Llavids earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2012-08-16.