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West of -30°: .6656215, .3255988
East of -30°: .6567681, .5583992
Globalhash: 28.218264184593, 21.023702168832 (GeoNames)

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Expeditions and Plans

Corpus Christi, Texas his lovely wife., Applesandvodka Western shore of Oso Bay
Beersheba, Israel LinaK HaHistadrut Street at Askelon, near the entrance to a girl's Ulpena (religi...
Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn Union County College campus
Seattle, Washington OtherJack, p4r4digm, stand, Thomcat Seattle, the middle of Latona Avenue NE, just south of 51st NE.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer On the west bank of the river Bure, Upton near Acle, Norfolk, UK.
Malmö, Sweden Fasanen, Llavids Pine woods south of lake Vomb.

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