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2012-08-15 -35 149 gate.JPG

Wed 15 Aug 2012 in -35,149:
-35.3082822, 149.4382585

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A paddock immediately east of the Hoskinstown Road, about 4km south of Bungendore. The hash is in clear ground near trees.


1PE (Canberra)


1PE (Canberra)[edit]

Lunchtime from work in Canberra, about 25-30 minutes drive from my work. I plan to leave an ActiveGeohashing.com poster on an adjacent tree. The property/house is not evident from the overhead pictures. This is probably sheep country, but I'll look out for larger animals before crossing the fence.


1PE (Canberra)[edit]

I drove to Hoskinstown Road from Bungendore and picked up the landmarks first time (circular lawn farm gantry, then tree line on the right). The paddock has a double row of fence, with barbed wire at the top and first row under that with mesh wire to the ground, and a cattle-zapper-fence wire that I did not care to test. The fences are well built and maintained, with taut wire. I was unable to get over/through the fence (standard method is to depress the second wire IF YOU CAN and slip under the top wire), so drove a little further to the end of the field where the map showed a gate and road. The gate is into the next field, and was locked, so I understood this as "no permission".

I fixed the ActiveGeohashing.com poster to the fence beside the lock, and took some pictures.

I returned "the other way", taking Hoskinstown Road to the south past the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST), a radio-telescope 6km south of the hash point.