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Sat 11 Aug 2012 in 52,13:
52.7118274, 13.5016661

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In the woods near Berlin. Well. Sort-of. Close enough to where we're staying ;)



We're in the area so we might go there. Better chance if you announce that you'll join us, give me a shout. Mampfred 10:11, 10 August 2012 (EDT)


What a beautiful sunny day. I love hashing in Berlin and its surroundings. There's no hills worth mentioning so you just walk in a straight line and back (see tracklog). Compared to the hilly Taunus, it's a breeze. I wonder why Berlin has become so inactive recently :(

Anyway, we had a 30 minute drive from where we were staying. Unfortunately we couldn't convince any of the other 20 party guests to join us for a drag-along. For some reason, they don't quite get why we like visiting random spots in the wilderness ;)

There was a track leading to the hash pretty much in a straight line, so we had a nice 5.4 km walk while carrying EmmJay on our backs. EmmJay actually reached the hash asleep so he doesn't quite know that he's been there. However, we can vouch for him and there's photos :D

Note to self: it's silly to end every paragraph with a smileyy of some sort ...


See here.



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