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Sat 11 Aug 2012 in 50,11:
50.7118274, 11.5016661

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In the forest near Friedebach. Classic style Geohashing, no experiments: just on top of the hill and in the middle of forest, probably reachable with scratched legs.


  • Juja and the usual Ninja (surprisingly, again)


Today's point qualified for another nice weekend bike expedition and even the Ninja joined me once more (though I heard things like "I could be at home now, sitting on the sofa..." again). Started around lunchtime (without having had lunch) about the time when also the Olympic Cross Country Bike Race started, stopped for some food after an hour and cycled on to the point afterwards. No bigger problems on the way, as I even found a way (a little adventurous) leading more closely to the point. To make the route more interesting (or, as the Ninja would put it, to annoy him) I suggested to go on through the forest (Sabine Spitz Memorial Tour - our MTB lady won a silver medal by that time, yay!) and add a little detour to the Retro Hash of 2012-07-17 near Hummelshain, where we visited castle and hashpoint and then finally went home where a tasty cake was waiting (after 90kms altogether).


Some guys actually playing cricket (yeah, I've never seen that before!)  
Lunch! Now if that isn't a kid's dream come true...  
Leuchtenburg from the distance.  
Some of the last houses of Friedebach (i.e. before the end of all civilisation).  
The Ninja was waiting near the way. My bike was waiting near the "way".  
Hashpoint reached.  
Stupidly grinning geohasher...  
...at a fairly untidy hashpoint.  
Cycling on through the forest.  
Hummelshain hunting lodge.  
Retro hashpoint reached...  
...and it doesn't look any better than today's hash.  
Sabine Spitz Memorial Cereal Bar.