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2012-08-09 52 0

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Thu 9 Aug 2012 in Cambridge:
52.3125551, 0.6909587

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[edit] Location

Sourcerer failed to reach the hashpoint in a very muddy pig field.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Expedition - Failed

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Neil was geohashing on the way to a wedding in Scotland. This was attempt 1 of 5 on this day. The hashpoint was in a farmer's field full of pigs wallowing contentedly in deep mud. Neil opted not to paddle the last few metres to reach the hashpoint. It was coordinates not reached due to lack of public access, biosecurity concerns for the pigs and a desire not to get the footwear too muddy before the wedding on Sunday. Yes! Neil will be wearing his geohashing sandals to the wedding! The terrain is very nice here with Thetford forest nearby.

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