2012-08-07 63 19

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Tue 7 Aug 2012 in 63,19:
63.3455808, 19.1434366

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On a clearcut near (or in?) Husum.

the ru[edit]

I was passing through the area (having already stopped at 2012-08-07 61 17) and this one was just next to E4. Nearby there was a Jehovah's Witnesses "Rikets Sal" and I saw someone in a full suit heading there. I found a trail (for snowmobiles!) leading up the hill. Rain had been pouring for a few hours so the last hundred metres I had to walk through wet grass and bushes and got thoroughly soaked from the waist down. Found the hashpoint, drove on without pants.


Photos are on their way as soon as I find a microSD reader. I was doing some underwater filming later in the week and my camera turned out to be less water-resistant than I thought. At least the memory card survived the ordeal.