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Tue 7 Aug 2012 in 61,17:
61.3455808, 17.1434366

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In a mucky trench among some cabins in a leisure residential area. Very close to the ocean.

the ru[edit]

I was passing through the area. My "plan" was a scribbled note and went something like:

  • Drive north, take the first exit after Söderhamn
  • Enter Söderhamn from the north, turn left at Brovägen and cross the stream
  • Turn right at the three-way intersection, left at the second
  • Drive for a couple of kilometres and turn left at the intersection with a small house next to it

Amazingly, I didn't get lost.

I parked a couple hundred metres just south of the hash. I knew it was located between two clusters of cabins and the exact location turned out to be in (or very near) a mucky trench. I decided to get it over with and just go in a straight line.

The bushes were really dense and I made a lot of noise pushing my way through. There were people around and I figured sneaking around in the bushes was only slightly less creepy than showing up on their doorstep claiming to be from the Internet. I was half expecting someone to confront me, if only to verify I wasn't a burglar scouting for potential targets. The area didn't feel very welcoming to strangers with lots of prohibitory signs posted. I'm not sure I was even allowed to drive there without permission but I didn't notice that sign until I was heading back.

Coordinates semi-reached. Navigation was difficult and I wanted to respect the privacy of the cabin owners, so once the GPS was within accuracy range (which was a bit stretched, I admit) I decided it was good enough. I then proceeded to 2012-08-07 63 19.


Photos are on their way as soon as I find a microSD reader. I was doing some underwater filming later in the week and my camera turned out to be less water-resistant than I thought. At least the memory card survived the ordeal.