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2012-08-05 51 23

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Sun 5 Aug 2012 in Chełm, Poland:
51.0824511, 23.5842084

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[edit] Participant

JRK +his brother in law +his nephew

[edit] Expedition

Lazy sunday afternoon, my brother in law suggested we go for a geohashing, as the point was not too far away. We decided to take his son (so my nephew), so we could not go by the bikes and instead took a car. After few minutes of driving we got to the hash village. The point was on the harvested (yeey!) field, next to some small forest. There was some wild (?) dog running around, so we decided my nephew will stay in the car (maybe next time he will get his first ever geohash) and I went for the point alone. The walk was kind of painful, as I was wearing sandals and the cuted hay was surprisingly sharp. Nevertheless, I made it to the forest, made few pictures, my brother in law made few pictures of me from the car as well and then we all went for an icecreams. And they all lived happily ever after.

[edit] Photos