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Fri 3 Aug 2012 in 59,16:
59.7314421, 16.6477341

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On a clearcut north of Tillberga.

the ru[edit]

This was somewhat within bike range but for several reasons I opted for driving. I drove north from Västerås, through Tillberga. I passed a dirt road but it had a gate so I got on another. I soon realized it wasn't the right one. I found a fork leading off towards the hash, but there was a gate there as well so I decided I might as well go back to first one. Turned out it was the road I had planned to take. I walked the last 1.5 km.

Along the way I found a suspicious quarry (visible on satellite photos). Someone had gone through a lot of trouble to make a 50x20 m hole in the ground, but then tried to partially fill it up again. Next to it was a big pile of gravel, so maybe they had used it to pave the road. The road had many sharp rocks so I wouldn't have wanted to drive there anyway.

There had been heavy rain in the morning and the air was extremely humid and damp, but the walk still was refreshing. The last 150 m was through very tall and wet grass.