2012-08-01 45 -122

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Wed 1 Aug 2012 in 45,-122:
45.5083223, -122.5795100

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The parking lot of the Slavic Emmanuel Church, SE 82nd, Portland.



  • M5K: Ignore the hashpoint :-)
  • Jim: Visit it after work


Expedition 5k[edit]

Normally, checking the hashpoints is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. We had houseguests over the previous evening, however, so my morning routine was disrupted. So, just as I was thinking about turning in -- after Mrs.5000 was already asleep, in fact -- I checked the local hashpoint just to make sure it wasn't some ridiculously accessible spot a few miles away.

Imagine my horror to discover that it was a ridiculously accessible spot a few miles away! It occurred to me that I could ignore it, of course, but "common sense" prevailed, and soon I had assembled my keys, wallet, GPS gadget, and camera, and was driving through the quiet city streets.

I missed the proper turnoff, and ended up parking in a U-Haul lot and walking a couple hundred feet to the hashpoint. I checked carefully for chalk marks, but so no evidence of previous visitors. But then I didn't leave any evidence either, so if anyone got to the hashpoint in the hour between eleven and midnight, they'll never know I was there.

Expedition One[edit]

Jim looked at the coordinates in the morning as he was about to leave for work and realized they were very accessible, even by public transportation. Today was a public transport day for me getting *to* work, so that was important. After work, I examined the Google Maps in closer detail and figured out a 3 bus route that got me to the hashpoint, which I still though was at the PCC campus.

With help, I found my way to the hashpoint, but was astonished to find not a PCC campus, but a Slavic church of some flavor. However, I wandered in and took some photos and headed out to wait for my bus home, which didn't exist according to the transit tracking application. (Though I had taken one for the same route 10 minutes earlier at that same spot.)



  • Michael5000's latest expedition to date (at hashpoint at 10:58 p.m.).

  • Land geohash - M5K and Jim
  • Public Transportation - Jim

Michael5000 earned the Holy hash achievement
by reaching the sacred (45, -122) location, which is outside the Slavic Emmanuel Church, on 2012-08-01.
2012-08-01 45 -122 (5).JPG