2012-07-29 49 8

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Sun 29 Jul 2012 in 49,8:
49.5350379, 8.5237714

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In the woods between Mannheim and Viernheim.



After I had helped Euterkuh to move out (he's going to be in 41,-72 for a while), I didn't feel like working on my paper today, so I decided I could go on a geohashing expedition. My first one in more than a year, wow!

I started cycling from Heidelberg and used Osmand for navigation. I was following streets and country roads for most of the time, but sometimes Osmand seemed to think it might be fun to go through the unploughed strips between some fields. On my way I stopped by several blackberry shrubs as well as a mirabelle prune tree and munched on the fruit.

The hashpoint was located in a forest between the cities of Mannheim and Viernheim, close to the border between Hesse and Baden-Württemberg.