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2012-07-29 47 8 alive.jpg

Sun 29 Jul 2012 in 47,8:
47.5350379, 8.5237714

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In a forest near Bülach.



Catch train sometime in the morning.


"So how was your conference in Merkelland?", wzc asked. "Great, actually.", Calamus replied, absent-mindedly observing some other guests of the best tavern of Au, "One of the most productive weeks I've had in years, I guess. There was just one thing that really bothered me. Almost on a daily basis, the hashpoint of 49,9 fell teasingly close to the conference – and I didn't have the time to get it. No matter, I'll get tomorrow's one." "Where is it?" "Near Bülach, in a forest." They paused their dialogue to keep a portly bald Aussersihlian from molesting an alarmed-looking blonde woman, by starting a philosophical debate on the futility of his existence. "You know", wzc continued as the man left for the back of the inn ranting about lawn mowers, "tomorrow it's going to be exactly a month since our common hash." Both of them knew that this statement qualified as a decision already, and after they were done drinking, the last train to Zurich was long gone anyway, so Calamus spent the night at wzc's place. After multiple Scrubs episodes.

The next morning, Calamus cunningly exploited wzc's bathroom routine to tidy up his painstakingly disordered place against his will. One cup of coffee later, the two of them took the train to Zurich, and another Latte Macchiato later, they went on to Bülach.

Many Zurichois look down to the significantly smaller town of Winterthur, considering it a manifestation of inferiority. Many Winterthurians look down to the significantly smaller town of Bülach, considering it a manifestation of a complete dump. However, both Calamus and wzc knew better about Winterthur, and so they hoped the stories about Bülach weren't true either.

It did have a train station for a start, and the party of two was introduced to a town wearing gray. Maybe this was the industrial district, but the party decided not to check whether the town center was any different, just in case it wasn't, which would have been sad. The station was at the commune border anyway, exactly facing the direction of the hashpoint. Thus Bülach was left.

There was a quiet road connecting Bülach to Glattfelden, halfway on which the hashpoint was located. They reached it without any problems and only had to climb over a reasonable amount of bramble. Which was fortunate, considering Calamus's choice to wear his usual shorts and sandals.

On their way back, soft rain caressed their bodies, about which neither of them cared, for wzc had a hoodie and Calamus didn't mind getting wet anymore. Bülach turned out not to be exclusively gray, and even had a kebap store which was open on Sundays. After a belated lunch, the party returned to Zurich, where they parted ways, not without Calamus making wzc take a vow to send him a picture of his place in a perfectly tidy state this evening, and bade each other farewell for the time being.


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Calamus and Waldzitherclown earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, 8) geohash on 2012-07-29.
Calamus and Waldzitherclown earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, 8) geohash on 2012-07-29 using public transit.