2012-07-24 47 -122

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Tue 24 Jul 2012 in 47,-122:
47.7351653, -122.2995896

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The back corner of a house just North of Seattle.




Heading off to work, a few blocks from the house, hey it's 6:30! Let's pull up geohash droid.

A few blocks later, we have the mysterious "satellite signal" and the even more mysterious "daily stock info". Say, that's not too far off my route. Let's drive by!

GPS says it's pretty much on the property line (since confirmed by overhead view). Nice enough houses, but before 7am is no time to receive a visitor from the internet. Also 25 meters from my parking spot across the street? Must be towards the back of the house (also confirmed by satellite map view).

I then drove around the block to see if an alley was an option - nope. About half the blocks around here do have alleys, and about half of those are accessible to a normal car. A slightly higher percentage for a jeep or other high vehicle, and about 98% accessible for a man and a dog.

Next I drove to work to type up the report, upload the photos. Will at least print out an Active Geohasher flyer to post on the fence on the way home, and if I see someone outside, I'll stop in for a chat.