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Mon 23 Jul 2012 in 52,4:
52.4099025, 4.6159972

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Just off the road, between some trees, near Bloemendaal.



My sister called me if I wanted to go on a bike trip today. She didn't really know where to, so I suggested the geohash. It seemed like a nice environment anyway.


In the morning, I was in Almere. I hitch-hiked to Amsterdam without too much trouble. We prepared for cycling, lying on the beach, and swimming. Then we cycled to the station, where we took the train to Overloon. Or so we thought. My ticket said Overloon, but the first train in that direction was going to Bloemendaal. That meant we should change trains in Haarlem, just before Bloemendaal, to go one stop on an other train. And Bloemendaal station was just as far from the hash as Overloon. We decided that just this once, we would not go through the trouble of changing trains, and illegally stay in the train for the last stop. And guess what? Exactly on that small piece of the trip were our tickets checked. Luckily, we were allowed to get off at Bloemendaal station without paying extra.

Cycling to the hash was no problem at all. Well, except for one small detail. The trees were part of a protected area for birds. There was a fence with barbed wire around them. Going just a few meters through those trees seemed very simple on the satellite photo, but was quite impossible in reality. We stranded at 20 m from the hash point. Then my gps went crazy again, so eventually I took a screenshot of it saying the coordinate is unknown, but the last coordinate was 30 m from the hashpoint.

I also forgot my camera, so I only had the webcam from my laptop. The quality is lousy, but at least there are pictures. :-)

We still did cycle through the dunes, we lay on the beach, I went swimming in the sea, and we cycled back. I had another very nice day with the help of the geohash, even though I didn't reach it.



Shevek earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (20 m) reaching the (52, 4) geohash on 2012-07-23.
2012-07-23 52 4 sign.png