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2012-07-22 40 -74

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Sun 22 Jul 2012 in 40,-74:
40.5994754, -74.7209116

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[edit] Location

In the woods off County Line Rd., in Branchburg, Somerset County.

[edit] Participants

Team Jevanyn

[edit] Plans

  • This is a possibility for me. It's not very far from home, and appears to be only 30 or 40m from the road. -- Jevanyn 09:46, 20 July 2012 (EDT)

[edit] Expedition

Drive down County Line Road, but nowhere to park that was close, so we went geocaching instead (four sought, found two: "teeny weeny" and "Y Knot").

If I'd come by bike, I would have had more freedom to look around the area. As it is, the geohash was within 100m of the road, so our egress from the area probably as a Speed Racer geohash.

I'm disappointed not to reach it the normal way, but between time constraints, Gwynnath being more interested in geocaching, and by GPS failing miserably (it reported my location as a full mile away, on the other side of Branchburg >:-[] ), it just wasn't going to happen.

[edit] Tracklog

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

I've already got a Speed Racer ribbon, and I didn't take any pictures anyway.