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2012-07-22 28 -81

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Sun 22 Jul 2012 in 28,-81:
28.5994754, -81.7209116

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[edit] Location

In a stand of trees near Florida's Turnpike in Lake County, FL.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Noticed today's hash was located not far from a route we had bicycled (and made a wrong turn). Planned a repeat bike ride knowing a short stretch of dirt road would bring us close to the hash.

[edit] Expedition

Sadly the weather did not cooperate with our bike plans. We were grateful the storms started before we were out on the bikes, but we had already driven half an hour to get in the vicinity. So we moved on to Plans B and C. Plan C involved finding that wrong turn for future reference, and since we were nearby with an afternoon to kill, patient wife agreed to humor me and drive toward the hash.

What looked on the satellite like an orange grove turned out to be a rather overgrown wooded area which I was unprepared to bushwhack through.

[edit] Photos

Photo above was taken at the nearest point to the hash on Turkey Farm Road.
Getting closer from here would have required 4 wheel drive (or at least long pants and real shoes). 
Could have gotten closer from the Turnpike side, but wifely patience did not extend that far.