2012-07-21 56 14

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Sat 21 Jul 2012 in 56,14:
56.0420860, 14.4041931

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On the road E22 near Bromölla, Skåne, Sweden.


Llavids with family


We were going to Öland and passes the coordinates driving there.


Did see a left turn on the satellite pictures and planned to stop there and take the necessary photos, but when actually driving there I realized that it was not possible to stop there since the new motor highway started there. I managed to see the mobile phone app say "you are there" while passing and I took out the camera to take a photo just after passing showing the motor highway instead. We did have the GPS trace function on and have supplied this as proof pictures below.



Llavids earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (56, 14) geohash on 2012-07-21.
Llavids earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (56, 14) geohash on 2012-07-21 at 90 km/h.
Llavids earned the Consecutive geohash achievement
by reaching 2 consecutive hash points starting on 2012-07-20.