2012-07-15 46 5

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Sun 15 Jul 2012 in 46,5:
46.1840800, 5.9890418

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Just over the French/Swiss border, on the French side, near the commune of Challex.


  • srs0 is thinking of going. It looks like an easy first back-in-Europe geohash, and he's actually around this weekend.


This was a mostly uneventful bike geohash. I left at 11:00, reached the hashpoint just after 12:00 (due to some confusion while going through Challex), and proceeded to take photos. Thankfully, the hashpoint was in a field which didn't appear to be planted at the time. I then stopped at a nearby hash bench (~100m from the hashpoint), had some fruit, and then went home. Total trip time was almost exactly two hours.