2012-07-13 53 6

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Fri 13 Jul 2012 in 53,6:
53.2720063, 6.5272212

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In a field near Adorp




I have to be back home at 13:00, so I'm planning to go in the morning. I want to go there by bike. It should be a nice trip. Let's hope the weather is good.


Around 22:30 on the day before, I decided that I'd try to be there at midnight. However, I wanted to fix my bike before that. I had to print a spacer block for my support (yes, the bike can do without, but I had it in my house now, so I was going to fix it), which took some time. Eventually I left around 23:20, which was late. However, it wasn't very far. But it was very dark. I had taken a flash light, and I thought I had remembered what the place looked like. Perhaps I should just make some screen dumps of satellite images next time. I learn something new for each geohash. :-)

Around 23:50 I arrived near the hash. I took out my netbook (which is my gps device) and checked (and took a picture. It was dark...). It was about 1 km away. I should have realized that I should have been closer before I couldn't cycle anymore. I walked through some fields, waking some sheep which were very vocal about it (but didn't seem to mind, they came to greet me, but ignored me when I walked on). I had then decided that I would get out of the field, but that wasn't as easy as it sounded. There was water everywhere. Eventually I found a way out. I walked back to my bike and rode a bit further, until I was in Adorp. Then I went left, to pass north of the hash. That worked, but as I had seen from home, there wasn't a way to the hash from there. I tried anyway, but then found a fence with a sign saying that, because this was a "resting area" (for birds, I suppose)), dogs were not allowed there, and otherwise the entrance was forbidden. Eh, right. They could have left out the part with the dogs, I think.

Anyway, I didn't want to disturb the resting animals even more, so I decided to give up and go home. At the fence I was 345 meters from the hash, as can be seen on my screen dump.

Back home, I checked where I had been. The road which got me off the grass fields was the one I should have followed to get on them. For the rest my memory had served me well, and I had gone where I thought I went.



Shevek earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (53, 6) geohash on 2012-07-13.
2012-07-13 53-6 sign.jpg