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Fri 13 Jul 2012 in 50,8:
50.2720063, 8.5272212

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In the woods right behind or in front of the Hessenpark.



Go there after work. QuarteCacher is going to pick up Mampfred from a nearby S-Bahn station and we should be backhome an hour later.


Mampfred left at 4pm and met up with QuarterCacher at 4:30pm at the Sulzbach station. We drove to the carpark of the Hessenpark, left the main entrance behind and had a nice little walk in the woods with light rain.

The hash was easily found only a few meters from a proper track. We shot some photos and headed back home.

@QuarterCacher: Thanks for taking me along, it's been a while and I probably wouldn't have dragged my behind up myself :)


See here.



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