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Thu 12 Jul 2012 in 50,11:
50.8695381, 11.4511285

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In a patch of trees beside a meadow near Tromlitz



Why not collect 2 points in one week? I know, this sounds crazy, but others did it before me.

Until Tromlitz I took the same way we already used to get to the point on 2011-08-23. There I've chosen the northern way, while on 2011-08-23 we passed today’s point on the southern way – what would have been the better variant even for today – but this I will learn only when leaving the point. For the moment it didn’t look to bad. It was the typical “last 500 meters before the point” path. I had a nice view to the farm where we were almost eaten by a dog on 2011-08-23. (“almost eaten” in this case means we heard a baying dog in the darkness - maybe Juja remembers.) Some meters later a sheep group beside the path looked at me as if they would say: “What are you doing here? Here is nothing, you could be interested in.” Looks like, they don’t know anything about hashpoints, poor sheep.

After passing the sheep, I parked my bike at a tree and walked the last meters across the meadow to the patch of trees, where the point was situated. I took the usual photos and went back to the bike, from where I continued the circle I had planed. Now came the time, where it turned out, that the southern path would have been the better choice. A last cute bunny hopped across the path and then a large mud puddle blocked my way – the first one in a long list of mud puddles. After some meters I felt like being in a swamp. Only the horse flies were missing.

After leaving the swampy path, the rest of the way back home was like normal biking – without crazy point hunting. Still one last impression came out of a open car window in the Neugasse (a one way street, where cyclists are allowed to drive in opposite direction): “blah blah bike blah blah wrong direction blah blah blah”. And then the noise was fading out …


The freeway construction site near Magdala.  
The dog's farm.  
The unknowing sheep.  
The path quality changes from 1km-level to 500m-level (on the left).  
The parking area.  
The meadow beside the point.  
The patch of trees where the point is in (downhill of course).  
Coordinates reached.  
Stupid grin.  
Räbe at the point.  
The first mud puddle on the way back.