2012-07-12 39 -106

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Thu 12 Jul 2012 in 39,-106:
39.5602736, -106.1258612

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Today's hash is located on a mountainous outcropping near I-70 and CO-9 by Frisco, CO.




The plan was to ride my trusty mare, Janis, to the area and find a place to park.

My trusty mare, Janis.


The motorcycle ride up CO-9 was familiar, but still scenic. I realized I had forgotten how good the Dillon Reservoir looks in the daytime. I turned around on I-70 after I reached the "Officer's Gulch" exit and parked at the nearest location which was in proximity to a relatively popular bicycle path. I then followed the path roughly Northeast for about 2 miles. I then looked up at the location of the hash and proceeded to drop off the path (which was located about 15 feet above) into a densely wooded ravine. A deep sense of loneliness suddenly struck me as I began to sort my way through the maze of fallen trees and their living counterparts. Then the woods broke and in front of me was a daunting cliff face with a few old mining tailings running down its steep slope. I decided that I couldn't come this far without taking a shot at it. The first part of the climb up the mine tailings was not terrible, but was difficult to get a solid foothold in the groups of smaller rocks. Shortly after getting to the top of the tailings, I decided to mark my GPS and leave my motorcycle jacket and helmet behind for the remainder of the climb to help my balance. I climbed a steep, rocky face until I got within 184 +/- 49 feet of the hash. It appeared that the hash point was ultimately unreachable, as I believed it to be located on a very steep out-jutting cliff.

Stupid grin.

With the skies greying, and no climbing gear to reach the final point, I took my pictures, had a somewhat celebratory yalp, and headed back down to my gear. It began to rain lightly on and off as I reached the path again, but I welcomed it as I was sweating like a madman after the climb. I walked the 2 miles back to my bike and realized along the way that not all was lost, for this was a classic case of Cliffs of Despair!

184 ft to hash.
Overlook of I-70 from (near) the hash point.



Topbun earned the Cliffs of Despair consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (39, -106) geohash on 2012-07-12 by a cliff.