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2012-07-11 46 6

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Wed 11 Jul 2012 in 46,6:
46.5129793, 6.3581622

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[edit] Location

Arboretum National du Vallon de l'Aubonne

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expedition

A rather spontaneous expedition - there was not much planning apart from Crox noticing that it would be a worthwile expedition even if the hash could not be reached and printing out a map from We grabbed the camera and gps and left for Aubonne, where we parked our car. From there we continued on foot through the very nice Arboretum du Vallon de l'Aubonne.

[edit] Tracklog

[edit] Photos

here we are 
Aubonne is also a river 
artificial lake for electricity production 
the bridge we would later cross 
small path along the lake 
there was a pond too 
later we found raspberries 
the hash is there... 
... somewhere after the bushes and brambles 
that's how one of us got there unharmed 
hashers at hash 
going back the other way meant crossing the Sandoleyre river by jumping from stone to stone 
Elisa enjoys the walk in the forest 
a wooden bridge that we did not cross 
dam and lake from the other side