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Sat 7 Jul 2012 in 31,34:
31.9317258, 34.9311023

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Possible birthday hash on a new continent for Elbie?


The Hazorfim Visitor's Centre in Kfar Daniel, a kibbutz between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; closest town is Ramla.


Getting there[edit]

Unfortunately, today is the Shabbat, so it seems I'll have to take a taxi there.

Alternative: wait until sundown?

  • the first 433 to Ramla leaves at 8:45 from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station [leave hotel around 8, 8:30?] Cost: 24 NIS, should take 40 minutes.
  • arrive in Ramla around 10.
  • walk from Ramla to Kfar Daniel (according to Google, a 2 hour walk!)

Other alternative: taxi from Ramla bus station? Should get there around 10:20.

okay, I need to find a closer bus stop

Getting back?[edit]

I don't have enough shekels for a taxi ride back, so I'll have to wait until the buses start up again. Per the Egged website, if I walk to Ramla, I can:

  • take the 433 to Jerusalem Central Bus Station, which is 10 minutes away from my hotel.

If I take the same taxi back to Ramla, I should get back for 10:40, and then back to hotel sometime after midnight.

What Happened[edit]

So, I thought I'd have time to do this... and then my mom called. Family phone call for my birthday ensues, and before I knew it my window of opportunity was gone.

Contemplating giving myself an "it's a kitty" consolation prize for being distracted by seeing my cat on Skype.