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Thu 5 Jul 2012 in -37,143:
-37.2636138, 143.6028269

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A sheep paddock in Burnbank, Victoria.


Snaplatitude and a good geologist friend.


Having nothing better to do with our day and finished looking through the new comic book shop I introduced my pal to Geohashing and she jumped at the idea of a random adventure generator. We loaded up the coordinates and headed out to Evansford via Clunes (and of course Mcdonalds!)

After finding yet another inaccessible geohash on private farmland we tried to get nearer by circumnavigating the paddock. No luck. So we headed home. It's good to add another step to my 100 No trespassing consolation prize's required for my My Posted achievement.

On the way it was requested that we pass a waterfall, so we went to Mount Bolton. Mount Bolton has a rocky face that when it rains heavily the water can run down freely, so technically it WAS a waterfall. We found a no-through-road road that ran up the top of Mount Bolton, so we followed it and it continued in real life where it disappeared on the map. We continued along the track as it got hairier and hairier until the poor old car started to overheat down a valley in a pine forest. We surveyed the landscape and gave up and turned around. Good day :)