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Mon 2 Jul 2012 in -37,143:
-37.5892863, 143.9821298

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A paddock in Dunnstown.


Snaplatitude and two ladies (fiddle-dee-di-dee dee!) But seriously one was an experienced geohasher and the other was a virgin to the sport.


After inspecting a rental property we found ourselves with nothing to do for an hour or so. So being the adventurous individuals we are we checked the days geohash, it was only about half an hour away in Dunnstown (sounds like dunce-town, I've always wanted to visit) so why not go? By the time we got there one passenger was violently car-sick and they had found the foam swords in the back seat. Also they had ring-pops (a lollipop that comes on a ring). Much to my disappointment I found yet another geohash to be inside private farmland. Though it would be easy enough to jump the fence and run the short distance to the point we decided to stay legal yet again and pose before the fence. This was also partially due to my fear of being gored by domestic farm animals.


Foam Swords and ringpops 
Private property.