2012-07-01 50 -1

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Sun 1 Jul 2012 in Southampton:
50.8506096, -1.7131653

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The edge of a wood in the New Forest near Picket Post, about a kilometre away from the A31.




Corwin and I were in London for the weekend with plans to return to Poole on Sunday prevening. This meant driving along the A31, taking us less than a mile from the geohash. I'm almost tempted to claim an Easy Geohash, but we did have to walk a fair way to get there.

We left North London at about 3pm, and arrived in the New Forest about 2.5 hours later. We parked in a small car park at 50.851342°, -1.728448° and set off on foot in what we guessed was the right direction.

After stopping to take a photo of a horse, we reached the wood and went through it. We came out the other side, and made our way round the edge before heading back in. We found the exact spot fairly easily. We stayed for a few minutes, then returned and continued our journey home.