2012-07-01 45 -121

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Sun 1 Jul 2012 in 45,-121:
45.8506096, -121.7131653

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[edit] Location

Off of Prairie Rd above Willard, WA

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Sunday morning, Kate's off and the hash is close. It looks like an adventure. It is very close to a paved road, but up here, first of July, maybe the road's open, maybe not.

[edit] Expedition

Sunday hash is 13 miles beeline from home, 27 miles on the odo. Kate was off today so we had an outing. Passed a line of bicycles humping up the hill. The 350 yards of unpaved road at the end of the drive was open, so it was only a short walk into the woods. Of course under the canopy gps's started drifting. I took both the DeLorme and the iPad to compare the two. The iPads display briefly had the Lat right on and the Long .000002 off but drifted before the photo. I left a flag if anyone goes up this afternoon.

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  • Land Geohash